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Why A Page?


Why Should I have a Personal WEB Site?  Who Cares?


Why Should I have a Business WEB Site? I'm just a small company.  


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Why a Personal Site?  This is a question which only you can really answer.  You must ask yourself:
Do I  have a unique hobby I want to share with others?


Do I have a collection I want to show to others with the same interests?


Has there been a significant event in my life that I want to share with relatives and friends?  A birth? Reunion? Party?


Is there a part of me I want to express through a personal page?


Do I WANT to have a personal page?


Do I belong to a club or organization that could use a page to present information?  Is there something special I want to say about it?


Do I have something to sell or rent that people around the country and the world might be interested in?


Only you have the  answer to these questions.  If the answer is "Yes, I want a page", let us help you build one that reflects YOU.

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Why do I need a Business WEB Site?  

I'm a "Small Business" with just local clients.

You need a WEB Site so you can improve your business.  When you put an ad in the local paper, how long is it available to your customer?  Just until it's "Yesterday's News"!    What do you pay for advertising each week?   Each Month?  Each Year?


A WEB Site is available to your customers  all day, every day.  For about the price of a one-time print ad, your web site is there for your customers all the time.  Augment your print advertising by adding your Site Name to your business card and to your print advertisement, and have current information available all the time.

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More questions?  Go to the "F.A.Q." page now.

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