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Why A Page?

Web Sites for the Individual and Business

MiniPages, Internet Web Presence

(Keep It Simple)

Don't get fooled.

Many people will try to convince you that a Web Site MUST HAVE spinning balls, flashing lights, bells and whistles. Sure, they look pretty - sometimes - but do they do anything besides slow down loading?   

Think About it - 

bullet How many times have you clicked out of a site before it finished loading all it's graphics simply because it was taking too long? 

bulletYou may use a powerful computer and a fast Internet connection capable of viewing large and complex graphic, sound and video files - how many of your visitors do? 

bulletYou have the latest do-everything browser - do your clients?

These are questions you must ask yourself before building a site. The latest trend in WEB design is towards simplicity - businesses and individuals are realizing that it is not the number in the "Visitor" counter shows that matters, it is how many of the visitors actually STAY at the site. To lure and keep visitors, your site must load quickly, have a useful and interesting content, be easy to navigate (move around in) and be not be too cluttered with useless graphics.

When you choose to become a part of the World Wide Web, you want to stand out from the crowd and be recognized for who you are and what you do. Not for the most complex and slowest loading site around.

You want to be presented as the unique person you are.

You want your Business to be presented the way you built it - with pride and personality.

Your WEB page is your interface to the world - wouldn't it be nice if visitors stopped by long enough see your world?

We can place you on the Internet with an affordable, custom-designed site, tailored to meet your specific needs. If you’re not sure if you need a Web Site contact us and we will be happy to provide a free consultation to help you decide.  

Let us present you to the WORLD.

We will design and build a quick loading page with graphics and images that enhance the content, not detract from it. Look around our site - check out the F.A.Q.s, samples, and links. Then contact us to learn what WE can do for YOU.

(If you want bells and whistles, we can do that, too.)

Your Goal:

bullet To have a WWW presence which presents you as the unique individual you are. To capture your thoughts and ideas and display them to the world on YOUR WEB page.

bullet Provide your business customers, whether they are around the World or around the corner, with 24 hour-a-day access to your product lines, services, business hours and location with YOUR WEB Site.

bullet Get access to your customers' homes with a full-color circular of specials, sales and important information about your business 24/7.

bullet Obtain a low cost-Design and Maintenance service for your site.

bullet Obtain site maintenance and update service in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Goal:

bullet To help you achieve yours.

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